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EDCET Physical Sciences Previous Question Papers Download

We are giving here previous question papers of EDCET Physical Sciences. EDCET old question papers of 2009 and 2011 are available with key. Candidates can download these model cum previous papers and practice for securing good marks in the EDCET. You can find the answers to the following model questions of Physics from the previous papers given below:

1) If r is the position vector of a particle, then div r is:
1) 1 2) 3 3) 0 4) 6

2) Two forces of magnitude 30N and 40N acting on a body perpendicularly. The resultant force is:
1) 50N 2) 70N 3) 10N 4) 25N

3) The time period of a geostationary satellite is:
1) 48 hours 2) 365 days 3) 24 hours 4) 30 days

4) A particle is moving under a fixed central force. Choose the correct statement.
1) The motion of the particle is always on a circular path
2) Its kinetic energy remains constant
3) Its angular momentum is conserved
4) Motion of the particle do not confine to a plane

5) Coefficient of viscocity of a gas is independent of
1) average molecular velocity 2) pressure
3) absolute temperature 4) mass of the molecules of a gas

6) A piece of ice is added to water in a cup. As a result, the entropy of the system:
1) increases 2) decreases
3) undergoes no change 4) becomes zero.

EDCET Physical Sciences Previous paper with Key - 2009

Edcet Physical Science - Previous Papers 2011

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