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EDCET Part – C English Previous Question Papers

Here we are giving EDCET English (Part - C) Previous Question Paper of the year 2009. EDCET candidates can practice this paper to secure good marks in EDCET. Answers also given for all the questions along with question paper. Following are some model questions from the question paper. You can find answers to these questions from the question paper provided below. Candidates and also download the question paper.

1. Identify the sentence that is grammatically correct.

(1) No sooner had the rats seen the cat they ran into their holes.
(2) No soon had the rats seen the cat than they ran away.
(3) No soon after the rats saw the cat then they had run away.
(4) No sooner had the rats seen the cat than they ran away.

2. Identify the passive form of the sentence, ‘She hates people looking at her’.

(1) People looking her are hated.
(2) People hate her when she looks at them.
(3) She hates being looked at.
(4) She hates people if they look at her.

3. Raju is not stronger than Peter.
(Change the above sentence into the affirmative without changing the meaning.)

(1) Peter is so as Mohan.
(2) Peter is at least as strong as Raju.
(3) Raju is stronger than Peter.
(4) Peter is strong enough to work as Raju.

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