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EDCET English Methodology Question Paper with Key 2012

Following is the EDCET 2012 English Question Paper (Methodology) with answers / key. This is the Part - C of the question paper. You can check the answers and estimate the chances of getting a seat in B.Ed. The question paper along with key is released by the EDCET 2012 convener. The question paper will be much useful for the candidates who are going to appear for EDCET in the future. Following are some model questions from the question paper. Answers to these questions and complete question paper can be accessed from the link given at the end of these questions.

1. From which of the following languages is the word 'nucleus' borrowed?
1. Spanish 2. German 3. Latin 4. Greek

2. Which of the following American word is equivalent to the English word 'Lorry'?
1. truck 2. wagon 3. cargo 4. carriage

3. Art of garden cultivation is called
1. landscape 2. sericulture 3. aquaculture 4. horticulture

4. 'My love is like a red rose'. The figure of speech in the above line is
1. Metaphor 2. Hyperbole 3. Simile 4. Metonomy

5. 'My Last Duchess' is written by
1. Robert Browning 2. Robert Burns
3. Thomas Gray 4. Wordsworth

6. Who is known as Elia, the prince among English essayists?
1. William Hazlitt 2. Charles Lamb
3. Bacon 4. Chesterton

7. 'Dramati Monologue' is essentially a study of
1. a drama 2. a poet 3. a book 4. a character

8. An interrogative sentence ends with
1. full stop 2. semi colon
3. exclamation mark 4. question mark

9. While I was crossing the road, I -------- an accident. Choose the right option to fill the blank.
1. met 2. meet 3. have met 4. will meet

10. The most ------- way of sending messages is email. Choose the right option to fill the blank.
1. expedite 2. expeditious 3. exponential 4. expedient

Edcet English Methodology Question paper with Key 2012

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