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EAMCET Medical – NEET UG Biology Model Questions

Following are model questions from Ecology and Genetics topics of Biological Sciences. These model questions will be useful for practice for EAMCET Medical and NEET - UG examinations.

1. Assertion (A): Exchange of gases in some hydrophytes takes place directly through the thin cell walls by the process of diffusion.
Reason (R): Stomata are totally absent in submerged hydrophytes like Salvinia and Ceratophyllum.

1) (A) and (R) are correct. (R) explains (A).
2) (A) and (R) are correct. (R) do not explains (A).
3) (A) is correct. (R) is false.
4) (A) is false. (R) is correct.

2. Select (one plant from each list) two plants belonging to the same habitat.
List - I List - II
A. Utricularia M. Ranunculus B. Wolffia N. Typha
C. Sagittaria O. Hydrilla D. Cyperus P. Vallisnaria E. Potamogeton Q. Salvinia

The correct pairs are:

1) A-N, B-Q, C-O, D-P, E-M
2) A-O, B-Q, C-M, D-N, E-P
3) A-P, B-M, C-O, D-Q, E-N
4) A-Q, B-N, C-P, D-M, E-O

3. Arrange the following statements or definitions in a sequence which are related to Warming, Reiter, Odum, Tansley.

A. The study of plants and animals in reciprocal relationship with their environment is called Ecology.
B. Structural and functional unit of nature.
C. The study of structure and function of nature is Ecology.
D. The study of organisms in relation to their environment is called Ecology.

1) C D B A 2) A D C B 3) B D C A 4) D A C B

4. Community is a group of organisms of -
1) different species of same characters
2) same species of different organisms living in same area
3) Different species occuring in the same area
4) Different characters of different species occuring in different areas

5. Assertion (A): Autogamy and Geitonogamy are not possible in submerged, fixed hydrophyte with long, ribbon shaped leaves.
Reason: (R): Sporophytes and gametophytes are dioecious in it.

1) (A) and (R) are correct. (R) explains (A).
2) (A) and (R) are correct. (R) do not explains (A).
3) (A) is correct. (R) is false.
4) (A) is false. (R) is correct.

6. One of the following character is not associated with rooted hydrophyte with floating simple largest leaves.
1) Long petioles 2) Epistomatic 3) Aerenchyma in leaves only 4) The stem is rhizome or reduced

7. Arrange the following hydrophytes in ascending order basing on the efficiency of root system.
A. Hydrilla B. Sagittaria C. Plant with dissected leaves D. Pistia E. Salvinia

8. A hydrophyte with monarch condition do not bears the following character.
1) Green roots 2) Pulvinus petiole 3) Cuticle on the stem 4) Adventitious roots

9. Match the following
List - I : List - II

A. Xylem cavity I. A plant that shows superficial placentation
B. Submerged II. Hydrophyte with dissected leaves long, linear leaves
C. Rhizome III. Hydrilla stem
D. Non functional IV. Hydrophyte with stomata rosette leaves
V. Limnophila

Key: 1-3; 2-2; 3-4; 4-3; 5-1; 6-3; 7-4; 8-3; 9-2

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