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EAMCET Chemistry Model Questions and Answers with Hints

1. A: The conductivity of an insulator is in the order 10-10 to 10
-28 ohm cm-1
B: The conductivity of a metal is in the order 108 ohm cm-1
1) Both A and B are true
2) A is true, B is false
3) A is false, B is true
4) Both A and B are false

2. For the crystal FexO the value of 'X' is likely
to be-
1) 1.8 2) 0.95 3) 0.7 4) 1

3. A: The conductivity of 'ZnO' crystal increases at high temperature
R: Electrons are trapped by both Zn+2 and O-2 ions at higher temperatures in the crystal.
1) Both A and B are true and R is the correct explanation of A
2) Both A and B are true but R is not the correct explanation of A
3) A is true, R is false
4) A is false, R is true

4. Which of the following statements are correct I. Volume occupied by spheres in FCC arrangement is 74%
II. The metal that crystallises in hcp structure has coordination no 8
III. A unit cell of ionic crystal shares some of its ions with other unit cells
IV. The edge length of unit cell in NaCl is 552 pm.
1) I, II, III 2) I, III, IV
3) II, III, IV 4) I, II, IV

5. Three metals A, B, C crystallises in simple cubic, BCC, FCC lattices resp. The no of unit cells in one mole of each of the metals resp. will be
1) N, 2N, 4N 2) 4N, 2N, N
3) N, N/2, N/4 4) N/4, N/2, N

6. Simple cubic arrangement is observed in
1) Po 2) Au 3) Be 4) Mg

7. A. Diffusion of products
B. Diffusion of reactants
C. Transformation of reactants to products
D. adsorption of reactants
E. Desorption of Products
The sequence of steps in the adsorption theory of catalysis is
1) B, C, A, E, D 2) B, D, C, E, A
3) A, B, C, D, E 4) E, D, C, B, A

8. Example of Pyroelectric substance is
1) LiNbO3 2) Ba (TiO3)2 3) KH2PO4 4) PbZnO3

9. Important initiator used for cationic, polymerization is
1) Bronsted-lowry base
2) Lewis base
3) Nucleophile
4) Lewis acid in the presence of small amount of water

10. Ozonolysis product of natural rubber is
1) 4-oxopentanal
2) 3-oxopentanal
3) Hexane 2, 5 diene
4) Pentane dial

11. Incorrect statement about the Polymer Buna-S is
1) 'Bu' stands for 1, 3 butadiene
2) 'na' stands for Sodium (catalyst)
3) 'S' stands for styrene
4) It is used in making oil seals

12. In a polymer sample 30% of molecules have a molecular mass of 'X'. 40% of molecules have 30,000 and rest have 60,000. If the number average molecular weight of the polymer is 36,000. 'X' value is
1) 20,000 2) 50,000 3) 35,000 4) 40,000

13. Monomers of which one of the following biodegradable polymer aminoacids
1) Polyglycolic acid 2) PHBV 3) Nylon 6 4) Nylon 2 Nylon 6

14. X = Simple Cubic Lattice
Increasing order of number of metal atoms per unit cell of the above
1) X < Y < Z 2) X < Z < Y 3) Y < X < Z 4) Y < Z < X 15. Radius ratio of larger ion to smaller ion in trigonal shaped crystal of co-ordination No.3 is 1) 5 2) 1 3) 0.5 4) 0.2 16. The colour given by excess Lithium in lithium chloride solid is 1) Violet 2) Pink 3) Green 4) Yellow 17. Any material can be made amorphous by quenching. This can be best explain by 1) Loss of long ranger order 2) acquiring defects in the solids 3) decrease in melting point 4) glassy nature of the solid 18. List - X A. Gelatinous Al(OH)3 B. Blue Vitriol C. Carborundum List - Y (i) Electrovalent solid ii) Covalent solid (iii) Molecular solid (iv) Amorphous solid The correct matching is 1) A - (iv) B-(i), C-(iii) 2) A-(iii) B-(i) C-(ii) 3) A-(iv) B-(i) C-(ii) 4) A-(iii) B- (i) C-(iv KEY : 1–1-; 2–2; 3–3; 4–2; 5–3; 6–1; 7–2; 8–1; 9–4; 10–1; 11–4; 12–1; 13–4; 14–2; 15–1; 16–2; 17–1; 18-3 HINTS 1. Metal has high range of conductivity than that of non-metal. 2. Fe0.95 O is a Non-stiochiometric compound. 3. ZnO contains metal excess defect. 4. HCP 'structure has co-ordination number of 12.' 5. Simple, BCC and FCC unit cells have net number of ions 1, 2 and 4 respectively. 6. In this arrangement each atom touches four atoms in the same layer. One sphere in the layer above and another sphere in the layer below.; 7. Adsorption theory of catalysis is associated with Heterogenous catalysis. 8. Pyroelectric substance produces current by heat variation. 9. BF3 AlCl3 (or) SnCl4 are used to produce H+ion in presence of water. 10. Natural rubber contains 'Isoprene' which is 2-methyl 1-3 butadiene 11. Buna - S is used for making automobile tyres and footwear. 13. Nylon-2, Nylon-6 is formed by condensation of glycine and amino caproic acid. 14. Simple cube, FCC and BCC contain 1, 4 and 2 net number of constituent particles per unit cell. 15. Radius ratio = rsmall/ rcation⇒0.15 - 0.22 for co-ord. no. 3 16. LiCl gets metal excess defect. 17. Long range order indicates crystalline structure. 18. Gelatinous Al(OH)3 is purest amorphous solid.

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