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Eamcet 2013 MBBS Admissions – IPE and Eamcet Marks Weightage Analysis

The analysis of EAMCET 2013 Medical stream marks and IPE Marks shows that the Intermediate marks have become very crucial in deciding the seat chances in MBBS admissions. The trend will continue as the Government may continue with the 25 percent weightage for IPE marks in future admissions.

Following is the brief review of EAMCET 2013 and IPE Exam marks and corresponding weightage and its influence on the final rank:

1) 1st Rank: EAMCET Marks - 158 and IPE Marks 600
2) Rank 50: EAMCET Marks - 151 and IPE Marks 594
3) Rank 100: EAMCET Marks - 147 and IPE Marks 600
4) Rank 500: EAMCET Marks - 135 and IPE Marks 592
5) Rank 1000: EAMCET Marks - 128 and IPE Marks 583

EAMCET 2013 MBBS Admissions

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