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DSC School Assistants Mathematics Previous Question Paper

Candidates appearing for DSC recruitment examination in Andhra Pradesh can use the previous question papers for practice. Here we are giving Mathematics question paper of DSC 2008 for School Assistants (SA) posts. The latest DSC examination is going to be held in 2012 and this previous / old question paper will be immensely helpful for the fresh candidates. The Mathematics question paper for School Assistants posts consists of following sections: 1) Part - A: General Knowledge and Current Affairs 2) Part - B: General English 3) Part - C: Content 4) Part - D: Methodology 5) Part - E: Educational Psychology. You can download the question paper from the link given at the end of these model questions.

Following are some model questions or sample questions from General English section of the question paper:

1. Fill in the blank with the correct verb form.
Its late. Its time we --------- home.
1. have gone 2. had gone 3. go 4. went

2. I have never spent Christmas alone before, --------?
Choose the correct question tag to fill in the blank.
1. have I 2. aren't I 3. haven't I 4. isn't it

3. The film was really boring. It was --------- I have ever seen.
Fill in the blank with the correct alternative.
1. most boring film 2. the film more boring
3. the more boring film 4. the most boring film

4. 'You have hours that glow jewel like and exquisite'.
Here the word 'exquisite' means:
1. of great excellence 2. completely exhausted
3. unpleasant time 4. disturbed mood

DSC School Assistants Maths Question Paper 2008

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