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DSC Physical Sciences Previous Question Paper

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has conducted DSC Examination in 2008 for the recruitment of teachers in the positions of Secondary Grade Teachers (SGT) and School Assistants (SA). Here we are giving the question paper of the DSC 2008 examination of Physical Sciences subject. The question paper includes questions from all parts of the DSC examination. You can also download the question paper. The Key / answers are not available at the moment and we shall try to provide the same in due course of time.

The DSC 2008 Physics question paper includes following sections:

1) Part - A: General Knowledge and Current Affairs
2) Part - B: General English
3) Part - C: Content
4) Part - D: Methodology
5) Part - E: Educational Psychology

Following are some questions from the question paper. Complete question is available through the link given below these questions:

1. She was ----------- seeing the grandchildren again.
Choose the appropriate phrasal verb to fill in the blank.
1) looking over
2) looking forward to
3) looking after
4) looking into

2. If the doctor had been called earlier, she would still be alive today.
The above sentence means:
1) She died because the doctor was called very early.
2) She died because because the doctor was called but never came.
3) She died because the doctor was not called.
4) She died because the doctor was called late.

3. The chipko message is fine.
The adverb form of the adjective 'fine' is:
1) finely 2) finesse 3) fineness 4) finery

4) Choose the correct preposition:
His experience, furnished him --------- a wide knowledge of humanity.
1) over 2) of 3) by 4) with

DSC 2008 Physical Sciences Question Paper Download

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