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Doubts and clarifications on Engineering Counseling

Aspiring engineering students face so many doubts at the time of admission counseling. We have IIT JEE, AIEEE, VITJEE, BITSAT, EAMCET, TANCET etc for the purpose of conducting admissions to engineering colleges. There are thousands of engineering colleges across the country under Government, Aided and Private managements. Selecting a better college will be a tough task for the students. Following are clarifications for some common doubts most of the students will encounter while getting ready for admission to engineering courses.

1. Career prospects for B.E. / B. Tech. in Biotechnology and IT branches: Students might have so many apprehensions while choosing Biotechnology at Graduation level, especially in Engineering. Biotechnology is an inter-disciplinary subject which includes subjects like mathematics, biology, information technology, molecular biology etc. There are good career prospects with biotechnology if you acquire knowledge of other disciplines also. Remember that biotechnology is a research oriented subject and you can grab good opportunities with higher qualification like Ph.D. from prestigious colleges or research organizations working under CSIR, ICMR or DBT. For those interested in IT branch, acquiring and honing management degree and skills will help in pursuit of a better career. But students should pay attention on choosing a reputed institute after checking facilities available. Because an institution's reputation matters much in training the student to be employable and getting a placement.

2. Choosing Aeronautical and Marine Engineering: Both Aeronautical and Marine Engineering are emerging fields. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh is the premier institute for courses in Marine Engineering. Aeronautical Engineering also catching up with more and more students are showing interest in that field. Candidates must have interest and commitment for these subjects as they are highly specialized.

3. Difference between Computer Science (CSE) and Information Technology (IT): Computer Science and Engineering is a system software oriented subject and Information Technology is more application and management oriented. Both the branches have number of common topics and have a difference of about five to ten subjects at B.E. / B. Tech level.

4. Prospects for B. Tech. Mechanical and Civil Engineering students: With the advent and growth in technology, Mechanical and Civil branches have become more attractive for those interested in core engineering. These students will get more challenging jobs if they study two or more combinations at the graduation level. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering knowledge has become essential to design robots. Pure mechanical engineering at B. Tech. level gives management orientation than a technical outlook.

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