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Dot Net after B.Tech ECE is good or not

Sir, I have completed my engineering in the stream of ECE with 84% am in search of a job. Now I want to do .NET course to enter in to IT field. please suggest me relevant courses to be done.
- Rajesh, Chennai.

Answer: First you must get clarity on what you want to do. If you really interested in IT field, then evaluate yourself to identify whether you are good / interested in analysing the situations, coding, testing, etc. Never join such street side institutions just because of someone in your network joined that course. Coursera ( offers world's best courses, online, for free. Think of domain and choose as per your interest.

For example, if you are interested banking application development, think of a customer requirement and try to develop small products on your own and discuss the same with your friends / experts. There are many technical forums where you can get answer from like minded programmers. Also you can use Quora ( to get expert/other's opinion on the doubts you have.

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