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Diploma in Project Management OR Business Management

An Engineering student who is also a working professional asked.... 'I completed my B.Tech. Mechanical in 2009. Since last year I am working as a project engineer. I have seen a notification that University of Hyderabad provides a PG Diploma in management through distance mode. I want to join in that but am in confusion that which course is better to me in the project management and business management. Which is more useful for me?'

Answer: An engineering graduate will have choice of either continuing higher education in the area of technical education, in your case it is mechanical engineering or in management studies. The choice is driven by your aptitude, career aspirations, interests and inclination to work. Business management program has versatility, which Project Management program does not offer. In case you choose to pursue a management program, you have to choose between a campus based program and a distance mode program.

For a student with less than 3 years experience, pursuing a campus based program is advised, as it will enable the student to develop managerial, interactive, analytical, decision making and leadership skills through activities, assignments, case studies, and internships. Usually, a distance mode program will not train the students in skill building and the art of human networking, which are a vital factor in managerial success in any domain. Unfortunately distance education programs in Indian context are not valued much by good companies.

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