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DIETCET Previous Papers 2009 with Answers

dietcet collegeHere is the DIETCET 2009 question paper with answers for the use of DIETCET candidates. Morethan 5 lakhs candidates are appearing for DIETCET examination in Andhra Pradesh. Those qualified in this exam will get admission in D.Ed / TTC course. Following are some model questions from English section. Answers to these question along with complete paper is available through the link given at the end.

1) Aruna --------- English for five years.
Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence.
1) had been learning
2) will be learning
3) learns
4) has been learning

2) A man was ---------- by a car last night.
1) knocked out
2) knocked in
3) knocked down
4) knocked at

3) Can I see the manager?
The question means...........
1) seeking permission
2) seeking advice
3) offering help
4) asking for help

The sage said, 'man is mortal'
This sentence can be reported as:
1) The sage said man should be mortal
2) The sage said man is mortal
3) The sage said man was mortal
4) The sage said man would be mortal

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