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DIETCET General English Practice Bits with Key

Following are DIETCTE model questions from General English Section. Here are 10 practice questions with answers / key. DIETCET is an entrance exam aimed at providing admissions into D.Ed or TTC course. Wish you all the success in DIETCET.

1. Choose the correct sentence:
1) Had I known of your arrival, I would have met you.
2) Had myself known of your arrival, I would be meeting you.
3) Had I known of your arrival, I would meet you.
4) Had I known of your arrival, I would have met yourself.

Q. 2 to 4: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.
'Most books allocate 'home-keeping' for girls and 'home-ruling' for boys. This
kind of 'gender apartheid' is an attempt to 'ghettoise' girls and segregate girls and
boys in ways that perpetuate male control. Unless the gender bias is eliminated
in our curriculum and text books, education will only strengthen the stereotyping
of men and women'.

2. 'Gender apartheid' means -
1) Coordinating of men and women
2) Suppressing of both, the male and the female
3) Strengthening of female domination
4) Strengthening of male domination

3. Most books allocate 'home - keeping' for girls. It means that in most books, girls
are entrusted with the responsibility of
1) Making decisions
2) The supreme family head
3) Doing household work
4) Doing jobs to maintain their family

4. The phrase 'gender bias' refers to a tendency:
1) In the favour of boys and against girls
2) In the favour of girls and against boys
3) In the favour of girls
4) against boys

5. When he .... (get) back the answer-script, he saw that he .... (make) several
(Put the correct form of verbs)
1) got, made 2) got, had made 3) get, made 4) had got, made

6. Can I see the manager?
The question means ....
1) seeking permission 2) seeking advice
3) offering help 4) asking for help

7. 'A hibernating animal cannot feel any pain'.
1) an auxiliary verb 2) an adjective
3) a gerund 4) an adverb

8. 'Aruna ... English for five years'.
Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence.
1) had been learning 2) will be learning
3) learns 4) has been learning

9. The sage said, 'man is mortal'.
This sentence can be reported as:
1) The sage said man should be mortal 2) The sage said man is mortal
3) The sage said man was mortal 4) The sage said man would be mortal

10. 'A man was ..... by a car last night'.
Choose the correct phrasal verb
1) knocked out 2) knocked in 3) knocked down 4) knocked at

Answers: Answers: 1-4, 2-2, 3-3, 4-3, 5-2, 6-2, 7-2, 8-4, 9-4, 10- 1 .

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