DIETCET Previous Question Papers with Answers and Exam Scheme

DIETCET is an entrance exam conducted for admission to D.Ed. (Previously TTC) course in Andhra Pradesh. Following is the scheme of entrance exam and DIETCET 2011 and 2012 question papers with solutions. D.Ed is earlier called as TTC. DIETCET candidates appearing for the entrance can use this previous / model question paper for practice. You can download these papers and practice at your convenience.

Following is the scheme of DIETCET examination:

1) Part 1: General Knowledge – 5 marks, Teaching Aptitude – 5 marks
2) Part 2: General English – 10 marks, Telugu / Tamil / Urdu – 20 marks.

General English is an essential section of the DIETCET entrance examination. The section will consist of questions on basic grammar topics such as tenses, prepositions, question tags etc. English Content and model questions with answers are also available on this site. These may be helpful for the practice.

3) Part 3 : 160 marks as described below:
Mathematics: 20 marks
Physics: 10 marks
Biological science: 10 marks
Social Studies: 20 marks

DIETCET 2011 Question Paper with Answers – Key

DIETCET 2012 Question Paper

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  1. Asma Begum says:

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    I Want the previous diet cet exams paper for practice can you plz mail to my mail id along with answers key

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    i want previous diet cet question paper in urdu and english for practice, please mail me on my e-mail address as soon as possible.

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    please post diet cet previous model papers to my mail id along with answers

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    plaese send the question paper of2011

  8. srisailam says:

    iwant ttc 2011 and 2012 model question papers plz…………

  9. Bhavya sai says:

    please send dietcet previous question papers(2010,2011,2012) with answers. Thank you sir.

  10. Bhavya sai says:

    sir, please send dietcet (2010,2011,2012) question papers with answers to my facebook account.Thank you sir.

  11. SREEJA.D says:

    I would like to get the details about ttc entrance exam syllabus and model paper. can u plz mail them

  12. BHAVYA SAI says:

    i want ttc past 10 years papers in english

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    DIETCET last 10 previous question papers
    in Telugu medium
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    Dietcet last previous 10 question papers in telugu medium
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    Please sir…
    Thanq sir
    Thanq sir

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    can anyone mail me the Urdu Diet cet Model papers please..
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