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Computational, Systems Biology and Ecology Colleges in USA

1. University of California, San Diego: The University offers Ph.D. program in Plant Systems Biology. This program is an interdisciplinary scheme between UCSD, Salk Institute, and Scripps Research Institute. Candidates with diverse backgrounds will be taught at the interface of systems modeling, computational genomics, and plant sciences. View for details: Following are some cross discipline institutes:

2. The Evergreen State College: The University offers Graduate Program in Environmental Studies. This course combines environmental sciences with social sciences such as political economy and public policy.

3. The University of Alabama at Birmingham: This University offers M.S. and Ph.D. programs which includes areas like comparative and cellular physiology, reproduction and development, microbial ecology and physiology, and aquatic ecology.

4. Princeton University: The University has department for Graduate studies and Ph.D. with emphasis on evolutionary ecology; physiology; ecological and evolutionary genetics; epidemiology of infectious diseases; theoretical ecology; population and community ecology; behavioral ecology; atmosphere, global interactions among the biosphere, oceans, and climate; and conservation biology.

Following are some more universities which offer inter disciplinary courses in Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences:

1. Stony Brook University, State University of New York
2. Harvard University
3. University of California, San Diego
4. The University of Tennessee (Entomology)

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