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Civil Services Main Exam Analysis

An Analysis: In July 1940, when England faced the enemy alone, Hitler invited Churchill to Paris for a secret conference. Churchill arrived by plane and was escorted to Chatean of Fountainnebhan, where Hitler and Mussolini awaited him at a tea table beside the famous carp pool.

The fuhrer lost no time “Here is what l’ve got to say to you, Churchill. England is finished. Sign this document admitting that England has lost the war and all Europe will have peace tomorrow”.
“I regret that I cannot sign it”, replied Churchill quietly. “I don’t agree that we have lost the war”. “Ridiculous” exclaimed Hitler pounding the table. “Look at the evidence”. Churchill sipped his tea. “In England”, he said, “We often settle a difference of opinion by making a wager. Would you like to make one with me?. The loser will agree that he has lost the war”. “What’s the bet?” asked the Fuhrer suspiciously. “You see those big carp in the pool ? Well, let’s wager that the first to catch one without using any of the usual fishing equipment will be declared winner of the war”. “It’s a bet”, snapped Hitler, who at once whipped out a revolver and emptied it at nearest carp. But the water deflected the bullets and the carp swam undisturbed.

“It’s up to you Musso !” growled Hitler, “They tell me you are a great swimmer – in you go!” The
Duke shed his clothes and jumped into the pool: but try as he would, the carp slipped through his grasp. At last, exhausted, he clambered out empty handed.

“It’s you turn, Churchill”, Hitler gasped, “Let’s see what you can do ?”.
Churchill calmly dipped his teaspoon into the pool and tossed the water over his shoulder. Then again and again. Hitler watched open mouthed. “What on earth are you doing?” he demanded impatiently. “It will take a long time”, replied Churchill keeping right on dipping “but we are going to win the war”.

There is a lot to learn from this story for this years Civil Services Mains. Aspirants who had had the patience to continue painstakingly with each and every question, were the ones who came out with the feel good factor ( Of course how good was the feel good will be known only after the marks ) the others who did not attempt many of the questions ( as they did not know the answers) lifted their hands in despair and then Iam told there were a few who did not appear at the subsequent papers as they felt that I will not pass anyway”. .

A scholar has said there is nothing ‘permanent except change’……. And this years Civil Services Main exam has been proved it beyond doubt…..

What were the changes ? Let us analyse the compulsory papers and a few of the popular papers……

General Studies: Paper- I of General Studies was one of the most unexpected paper. The syllabus for this paper includes : Current Affairs, History Indian Culture, . Students normally have a long list of expected questions which they gather from magazines , Coaching Centres from all over India etc. They look for prepared answers , in fact sit in many classes and take down answers dictated by the experts……. The examiner has made sure that not a single expected question appeared in the paper. All the questions were from Current Affairs but from areas which were unexpected . Even in the expected areas all the questions were opinion based and not fact based. How can one form opinions unless he has read almost all the areas, thought about the issue the pros and cons etc. ? This would mean that an aspirant has to not only follow Current Affairs but also form opinions. Previously forming opinions was required only for the Interview , now it is required also for the main.. For example previously one would ask “ What is Renewable Energy and a candidate could write an answer, now they have asked “ Do You Consider Renewable Energy as a viable option for India”s Future. This requires that an aspirant should understand the problems that India is facing and should also be sensitive to look for viable answers…… This is what is expected form a civil Servant…..

General Studies Paper- II : This had a major aspect of India and its relation with other countries. The questions were also from a variety of areas and one had to be well read to be able to answer the questions. Environment & Sustainable development again found a major place. International Trade also figered prominently.

Public Administration : This is the most popular optional all over India. It is reported that more than 50% of the aspirants at the main examination had Public Administration as one of the optional. The papers were once again opinion based, slightly high on the requirement of English Language and very lengthy. Also, questions appeared form almost all the areas.

In short :

1) General Studies was opinion based, lengthy and unexpected
2) All the optionals had atleast one of the two papers tough
3) The pattern of questions and the allocation of marks has changed dramatically.
4) There are more short questions which require short but comprehensive answers
5) All most none could complete the paper.
6) No one came out with complete satisfaction that they have done the paper well .
7) The same pattern of questions may not be repeated next year as U.P.S.C would like make the paper unexpected. So expected the unexpected…..
8) Coaching is no longer directly relevant ie you cannot just join an institute and expect to pass the exam. All aspirants should understand that coaching is only a foundation for the basics. The rest is all the personal effort and background of the candidate.
9) In theory one can attempt the exam in their mother tongue. In practice, you have to be good at English to understand the question . Remember Unlike A.P.P.S.C the questions do not come in Telugu. Therefore command over English language is a must……
10) Last but not the least, it is better to improve your command over English before writing this examination.
11) Read the news paper regularly and reflect on what you have read and form opinions. Write down these opinions in a book in your own language. Compare with the words used in the newspaper and try to use some of those words…..Slowly you will notice that you would have learnt the words and you are able to write in the same words.

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