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CBSE Model Answers Online for Class 12 Exams

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come out with an innovative idea to help Class 12 students to score good marks in the Board examinations. The CBSE will upload model answer scripts of the old students on the website or . Students can download them and follow the 'model' answer scripts to fare better in the CBSE Class XII exams. The Board is gearing up to provide these answer scripts within days. Students can gain more marks with this initiative as they can understand what kind of answers will give good marks.

The Board has already completed selecting papers of the Class XII students who have written perfect answers in the examinations. The Board clarifies that the answer scripts might not be of toppers only. Whoever have written any answer perfectly, the Board will upload their answers. The CBSE has started similar initiative in 2008. Then it has uploaded the answer scripts of toppers on their website. This time the CBSE is not limiting itself to toppers and will upload any student's answer that was written perfectly.

It is not just text answers, the Board will also upload and made available any answer in the form of drawing, well-labelled diagrams or made a perfect paper presentation. All these will be uploaded as 'model answers'. They will represent good examples of presentation, writing, creativity and reasoning. This will help the students in drawing inspiration from the previous students. It will also motivate the students to do better in the exams as their papers could be features as Model Answers if selected. This will also be a good recognition for the students who have written answers perfectly.

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1 thought on “CBSE Model Answers Online for Class 12 Exams

  1. Devika P

    Great news for CBSE students. This will prove helpful to the students. Good work by CBSE board. Really looking forward for this. Thanks for information.


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