CSIR Books Following are the useful reference books for CSIR - UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology subjects. The books will be available in all leading bookshops and online stores like amazon and flipkart. Subject wise list of books are given below. Candidates should have thorough knowledge of basics in all the subjects to crack CSIR - UGC NET examination.


1) Organic Chemistry: Clayden, Carey Sundberg, William Kemp, Nasi Puri, Carruthers,Smith.
2) Physical Chemistry: P.W.Atkins, K.L.Kapoor, Mc.Quarie.
3) Inorganic Chemistry: J.D. Lee, Shriver and Atkins, Cotton and Wilkinson.


1) Biochemistry: Voet and Voet, Albert Lehninger
2) Microbiology: Prescott
3) Cellbiology: Alberts, Lodish
4) Molecular Biology: Weaver
5) Immunology: Kuby
6) Genetics: Griffith, Suzuki
7) Animal Physiology: Nielsen
8) Plant Physiology: Teiz and Zeiger


1) Algebra: Bhattacharya, Devid C Lay
2) Calculus: M.J.Strauss, H.Anton
3) Real Analysis: Shanti Narayan, Richard R Goldberg
4) Differential Equations: Sastri SS, Collins P.J.
5) Complex Numbers: Murry R Spiegel
6) Probability of Statistics: C.E.Weatherban, Das Gupta, Ray & Sharma


1) Mechanics: D S Mathur, Daniel Waves and Optics: D R Brown, N K Bajaj
2) Electricity and Magnetism: D C Tayal, Edward M Purcell
3) Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics: D John, Charles E Hecht
4) Modern Physics: D.C. Pandey, B L Theraja
5) Solid State Physics: S.P. Singh, D.K. Bhattacharya

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