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There are many ways to get financial aid in USA for international students to pursue higher education. Students are expected to understand that financial assistance and aid for international students is mostly based on merit and rarely on need.

Assistantships: This is a form of financial aid given by the concerned college / university. It is generally in the form of a cash stipend and may be usually sufficient for the student’s living expenses. He may also use it for tuition waiver. But in return the student will have to work. This may be for not more than 20 hours per week.

There are three kinds of Assistantships:
1. Graduate Assistantship: The work will be assigned by the supervisor within the department.
2. Research Assistantship: The students is expected to assist / departments’ or units’ research effort.
3. Teaching Assistantship: Supporting teaching efforts of the department.

Graduate Part-Time Instructor: Students will be given an opportunity to teach in part time mode. He / she may also participate in the teaching in the form of quiz, drill or laboratory sections.

Instate Tuition Waiver: These scholarships are available in a very few states like Texas, Missouri etc. These waivers are limited in number and applicable on par with the residents of concerned state.

Scholarships / Grants/ Awards: Most of these are based on academic record of the student throughout his / her academics. Many of the universities / colleges offer these grants.

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