The TSPSC (Telangana State Public Service Commission), Hyderabad has conducted the online recruitment examination for the posts of Assistant Engineers (AEs in Civil Engineering) in various Government Departments. The written examination is for 300 marks with 150 marks, each question carrying 2 marks.

Here is the complete question paper of TSPSC - AEE (Civil Engineering). The key is provided by the TSPSC for the candidates only who have appeared for the examination. They can download the key with question paper from the TSPSC website.

Following are some questions from the AEE exam paper 2015. See the complete paper below these questions.

1) The main Constituent of cement which is responsible for initial setting of cement is....?
2) Admixtures which cause early setting and hardening of concrete are called..?
3) Which of the following metamorphic rocks has the most weather resisting characteristics?
4) The ratio of strength of a solid shaft to hollow shaft for same material, same weight and same length is..?
5) A single-bay, single - storeyed portal frame ABCD has its column ends fixed. If axial deformation is neglected, the kinematic indeterminacy is..?

AEE Civil Engineering Question Paper 2015 - Download

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