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NEET Exam Experts in the coaching field have identified four mistakes / errors in the NEET 2017 examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) across the country on 7th May 2017. Over 11 lakh aspirants took the test as the experts claim there are at least four questions which have issues.

It is opined that one question came with two correct options and another question came with all four wrong multiple choice answers. NEET 2016 also had errors in the question paper.

Apart from NEET exam, JEE - another exam conducted by CBSE, also had similar errors in 2016. It had four erros of 12 marks. Experts feel that the CBSE should take more precautions to avoid wasting time of the candidates in the exam hall with wrong questions.

It is felt that the question number 4 in P Code paper has been phrased incorrectly. Here “instead of `Which of the following pairs of compounds is isoelectronic and isostructural?' is should have been `Which of the following pairs of compounds is isostructural and has same number of valence electrons?“ pointed out by experts in the subject.

Question number 159 also has error in paper of code `P'. The other two “errors“ highlighted are the question number 149 and 175. CBSE has to introspect into these questions and take proper decision.

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