JEE and Girls
While UP and Maharashtra sending more candidates to JEE Advanced, number of girls appearing for the toughest exam is on rise.
´╗┐JEE Advanced still enjoys the brand of toughest entrance exam in the country. Only a few states have been able to send large number of candidates to appear the test. UP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, AP and Telangana are in top positions in terms of number candidates appearing for JEE Advanced - 2017.

Uttar Pradesh has been sending the maximum number of candidates (26002) to take JEE (Advanced) this year followed by Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Andhra Pradesh, once in top position as it was united state, is now at number 4 with 16580 candidates qualified for JEE Advanced exams.

This year, girls have significantly made it to JEE Advanced. About 19 percent of the total candidates were girls. Large number of girls were from Maharashtra and Telangana.

Data from the IITs shows that students from the five southern states of AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu account for 35 percent share of the total student pool.

Following are the details of boys and girls to take JEE Advanced this year:

1) Uttar Pradesh: 22617 - Boys, 3385 - Girls
(Total - 26002)

2) Maharashtra: 17024 - Boys, 5873 - Girls
(Total - 22897)

3) Rajasthan: 17688 - Boys, 2750 - Girls
(Total - 20438)

4) Andhra Pradesh: 12499 - Boys, 4081 - Girls
(Total - 16580)

5) Telangana: 10987 - Boys, 4128 - Girls
(Total - 15115)

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