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Following is the APSET 2013 Key for Life Sciences Paper 2 and Paper 3. Here are some questions from Paper 2 and follows key for both papers.

1) Brinjal, cabbage, cauliflower lettuce, potato, radish and tomato belong to
a) only one plant family
b) two plant families
c) three plant families
d) four plant families

2) Haemolysis is the process in which
a) All the blood cells are destroyed
b) only RBC are destroyed
c) only WBC are destroyed
d) only platelets are destroyed

3) In pseudo allelism, genes are
a) structurally allelic and functionally non - allelic
b) structurally as well as functionally non - allelic
c) functionally allelic and structurally non - allelic
d) structurally as well as functionally allelic

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