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Following is the General Studies and Mental Ability Question Paper given for the examination conducted by APPSC for the recruitment of Polytechnic Lecturers in Andhra Pradesh. The exam was held on 10th June 2012. The GS and Mental Ability question paper with answers and key is available for download. Following are some model questions from the question paper. You can download or read the complete question paper from the link given at the end of the following model questions. This question paper will be helpful for the candidates who will be writing Polytechnic Lecturer Written exam in the future. See model questions below:

1. Which one of the following was a major disaster in India?
1. cyclone, 1977 (AP)
2. Tsunami, 2004 (Tamilnadu and Kerala)
3. Earthquakes, 2005 (Kashmir)
4. All the above

2. Who is the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority at the Center in India?
1. Finance Minister
2. Prime Minister
3. Communications and Information Technology Minister
4. Rural Development Minister

3. National Disaster Management Authority Prepares
1. National Policy on Disaster management
2. National Policy on National Hazards
3. National Policy on Disaster Mitigation
4. National Policy on Disasters and Hazards

4. Indian subcontinent is highly vulnerable to
1. Cyclones
2. Droughts
3. Earthquakes
4. All the above

5. The best conductor of Electricity
1. Silver
2. Gold
3. Copper
4. Lead

6. Chemical name for ordinary salt?
1. Sodium Chloride
2. Sodium Corbonate
3. Copper Sulphate
4. Potassium Nitrate

7. Chemical name for Vitamin D
1. Calciferol
2. Biotin
3. Retinol
4. Ascorbic Acid

Polytechnic Lecturers Exam GS and Mental Ability Question Paper 2012 with Key

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