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CAT Preparation Tips for Quantitative Ability – Part 5

Quantitative Ability is the most important section in CAT examination conducted for admission to PGDM in IIMs. List out the areas / topics to focus on: As the sections are timed individually, selective preparation is very risky, as one may end up getting questions from the areas that he/she has left out of preparation. There fore, till the last 3-4 weeks running up to the exam, the students should focus on getting better on all the topics in Quant. Then the focus should be shifted to concentrating on specific areas which would give them the maximum return for their time. A two pronged approach needs to be adopted for this

Mock-CAT Performance Analysis: Students should have a clear understanding of their comfort level in all Quant topics. Mock-CAT performances should be analyzed at a topic level. The areas where the students have been scoring below par repeatedly and the areas where the scores have been fluctuating should be the areas of focus.

Previous CAT paper analysis: The areas which have been consistently contributing to the CAT exam over the years should be identified and attention should be given to them. Follow these simple steps while preparing:

1) Understand the basics concepts of the selected topic thoroughly

2) Write down all the formulae and concepts related to the topic on a chart to use as a ready reckoner

3) Ensure that you know when a particular formula is to be used

4) Solve at least 30-40 questions (CAT level) from the topic.

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