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Careers in Smart Phone Industry – Qualifications and Prospects

Smart phone industry is expanding with rapid pace in India. About 40 smart phone manufacturing industries are there in the country providing thousands of opportunities to the skilled youth. It is estimated that about 8 lakh jobs will be available in smart phone industry by 2020.

Education required:

Candidates with engineering and equivalent qualifications in engineering, electronics, design, production, materials science, physics etc can try for opportunities in smart phone industry.

For careers in smart phone design segment, you may not need any particular qualifications for this career. But any qualification in design will be an advantage.

Mobile App / Game Development:

This is the most sought after career segment in smart phone industry. You should have good knowledge of programming languages such as C, C plus plus, java, python, dot net, and an aptitude to learn new technologies.

The opportunities may also available in the departments of operations, production, marketing, design and various other segments. Candidates should be creative and have to come up with innovative ideas to progress in the career in smart phone industry.

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