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Careers in Pharmacology, Bio-Medical Engineering and Biotech

Pharmacology, Bio Medical Engineering and Biotechnology are three different fields and at the same time inter related to some extent. Candidates those studied Basic Sciences or Applied Sciences at Graduation / Plus Two level can take these subjects at their Graduation OR Post Graduation studies. Following is the brief insights into these courses and general career prospects for respective subjects.

1. After M.Sc. Pharmacology: Pharmacology is no doubt an important subject and you can look for jobs and research career in Institutes such as NIPER, CDRI etc. You can look for R & D related jobs in academic or research institutes. The option is in R & D of pharmaceutical companies. In general they don’t consider Master degree holder candidates but they take special interest for pharmacy related candidates.

2. Bio-Medical Engineering: This is a very good and upcoming subject. You can have good career opportunities in future. You can follow the link and go through it for a clear idea regarding the subject and its status in present India. Countries like USA and UK and some other European countries are spending huge resources in this field. Hence you can find better opportunities in abroad than in India for this specialization.

3. Higher Courses in Biotech: Always a better degree will fetch more. The question here is not the degree but the time and your requirement. If you need a job immediately after UG or PG, then its better to go for M.Tech after B.Tech. Biotechnology. If you prefer a career in research and want to pursue more as a scientist, lecturer then definitely Ph.D is a better option provided you have the patience of doing Ph.D for the next 3-5 years.

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