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Career Prospects for Science Students in India

After pursuing higher studies obviously research is an option for Science students in India. The present growth in number of international and national level facility aided Institutions and pay package (after 6th pay commission) is changing the previous scenario. Post doctoral fellow who are doing better research and getting a better pay package are opting their way back home due to the recent growths. Now research is also not confined to the few number of central govt. institutes, private universities and colleges are getting very good research and development aid and doing equivalent quality of research. Therefore, faculty job and research oriented career is very bright in the coming years.

Apart from this the industry specifically biotech industry who’s growth was not up to the expectation in the previous years is regaining and we may hope that now slowly it will be independent and fulfill our expectation. So there will be lots of jobs in the Biotech, Pharma industry too. Many international universities are planning to set up their branches in which fresh doctorates, post docs will have ample opportunity. Govt India is also planning to increase the number of Central university during the 12th five year plan which is a gateway of opportunity to many young scholars belongs to science community.

First issue should be considered obviously their personal liking for a particular subject and their financial background. Long duration studies may fetch good future but to sustainability is depending on financial resources. Many banks will come forward to support through many loan schemes available with them. That should be taken care off.

Realizing the reality and the possibilities of the course and try to predict its future is important for a student before taking up a course. Scientific world is changing very fast and the technology is changing too, so it is always better to hands on or projects in the subjects which are latest. Some of the important subjects are Nutrition, Optometry, physiotherapy, industrial microbiology, molecular biology and immunology.

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