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Career in Networking and Hardware

With recession reaching its peak, predictions about IT sector are getting unstable each day. Statistical reports differ in their judgment. However, the outcome remains that no economy today can be relieved of getting out or free of downturn spell. At such turbulent times, job choice in every economy is becoming a risk game. While IT still remains a choice of the masses, the youth is now hunting down different paths of IT which will be IT at its base but innovative yet recession proof at the surface. The hardware sector in particular is poised for robust growth in near future with increasing focus on the sector by central government.

One such job choice among the collection of IT careers is that of Hardware and Networking. The physical apparatus of computer and A to Zee of web networking is at the heart of this job. As India steps gradually towards becoming a quality IT hub, the most important growth driver for Hardware and networking sector are IT installations/ developments in country requiring Hardware and Networking capability.

There are reputed and good private training institutes offering courses in Hardware and Networking. N-power, the Hardware and Networking training brand of the global learning solutions major, Aptech Ltd. offers a wide range of courses that help build basic Hardware and Networking skills. The courses offered by Aptech combine training for basic hardware and networking along with several emerging technologies and international certifications. These will give learners an edge in their efforts of searching for a placement and future career prospects as well. N-Power has tied up recently with Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) to launch a 3-Year B.Sc. degree in Hardware, Networking and Digital Communication (HNDC) and 1-Yr Diploma in Hardware and Networking (HN).

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