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Career after M.Tech Digital Image Processing

Sir, I am going to join M.Tech in digital image processing so I wanted to know the jobs on digital image processing. Please help me sir.
- Kalyan Gupta, Ahmedabad.

Answer: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is the analysis and representation of discrete-time signal systems, including discrete-time convolution, difference equations, the z-transform, and the discrete-time Fourier transofrm.

The main applications of DSP are in the fields like biomedicine, seismology, digital communications, SONAR, RADAR, speech processing, video compression, digital image processing, audio compressing and audio signal processing. Some of the examples are transmission and speech compression in forecasting seismic data processing, weather forecasting, sound reinforcement applications, room correction of sound in hi-fi, mobile phones, etc…

For this you need to be ready with C, C++, Assembly Level Programming, Signal Processing Algorithms and Time Procesing. According to NASSCOM, there would be higher growth prospects in the coming days. Many prominent private companies like Intel, Analog Devices, Lucent, Motorola and Texam instruments are strongly venturing into this field with high potential.

You can also find government jobs in Police Department, All India Radio, Doordarshan, BSNL, Army Signal Core, etc.. You can watch free videos on Digital Signal Processing from and

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