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Books for Constitution of India and Various Cases

Question: Dear Sir, Can you please post on your websites about the cases regarding the constitution of India - that were fought in courts like Minerva Mills case, Menaka gandhi case, keshubhai case etc. These days questions on the cases filed in court regarding the power of parliament to amend constitution, preamble etc are frequently asked. You can give the list of all the cases regarding constitution, the history behind each case, fought between whom, what was the judgement etc? It will be a very great help.
- Sridhar, Bangalore

Answer: The cases you have mentioned are very important in terms of the evolution of Indian Democracy. The fight between fundamental rights and directive principles has been viewed by many as the clash of Judiciary and Parliament.

You can get the detailed discussion of these cases from best known books on Indian Constitution such as Introduction to the Constitution of India by DD Basu, The Constitutional of India by Kagzi , M.C. Jain, Constitutional Amendments in India by Pylee , M.V; Commentary on the Constitution of India by Basu, Durga Das etc.

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