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Biology-Biochemistry Cross Discipline Research Institutes in USA

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the leader in cross disciplinary research area. Graduate work in the Department of Biology at MIT leads to PhD degree. Research opportunities consist of areas of biochemistry, biophysics, cellular and developmental biology, immunology, microbiology, and neurobiology. Background of biological sciences is desirable qualification. All the students must undergo through formal courses in biochemistry, genetics, and the method and logic of molecular biology. Students are encouraged to pursue research.

2. Oregon Health and Science University: The University offers an interdisciplinary Graduate program with basic science training in behavioral neuroscience. Specializations are available in areas such as physiological psychology, behavioral and molecular genetics, behavioral pharmacology, neuro-endocrinology, and biological bases of addiction. Candidates with degrees in biological sciences, psychology, or neuroscience are eligible to apply. For more details, view

3. Princeton University: The premier institution offers Graduate studies in the Department of Molecular Biology. Research areas include genetics and genomics, biochemistry and cell biology, biomedicine and societal issues, biophysics and structural biology, developmental biology, biological dynamics and computational biology, neurobiology, oncology, microbiology and virology.

4. University of Pittsburgh: Another superb destination offers graduate program in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

5. Stony Brook University, State University of New York: The University offers education and research in Anatomical Sciences leading to Ph.D. Degree.

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