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Bioinformatics Courses and Career in India

Bioinformatics is becoming as a frontier application science presently. The present surveys suggest that it is an inseparable practice in any experimental biology lab irrespective of the specialized subject. Core life sciences subjects like zoology, botany, physiology, biochemistry
or advanced subjects like microbiology, biotechnology all need extensive support of in silico biology for large scale data analysis, deposition and interactive exercises. Several complex aspects of life science cannot be solved or assumed by experimental methodologies, in such cases bioinformatics is the one and only option to get some clue regarding the specific topic with a greater accuracy and precision. Almost all the life science is having one specialized
bioinformatics unit now along with core experimental setup. Thus it can be stated that this discipline of life science is having a greater future and its importance and contribution in terms of quality research and publications is up surging in a regular basis.

To understand the growing importance of this subject in India 2 examples are enough to state the fact. Department of Biotechnology of Govt. of India has launched 'Biotechnology Information System (BTIS) -A National Bioinformatics Network' especially for bioinformatics applications and its use in all labs throughout India. This network was set up in 1986 and today it is covering around 147 institutions from all over the country. The other initiative is biomedical informatics centers of Indian Council of Medical Research. Again it is a country wide network of I.C.M.R institutes where special division of Bioinformatics will be established with required facilities of data analyses, extensive advanced research and data deposition.

In abroad, U.S.A and almost all European countries are having specific specialized bioinformatics units for advanced research. Several private companies are coming to the arena of bioinformatics noticing the lucrative output and profit. MNC companies like IBM, TCS and others are having separate unit for related work.

Pursuing M.S., M.Tech, doctoral and post doctoral degree in the field is possible based upon the prior qualification of the candidate. Major numbers of students are leaving abroad for further studies. Students have also got opportunities in companies like Persistent technologies, Jubilant Biosis, V Life science, Infosys, HCL, CDAC and other companies. Absorbance occurred in premier research institutes like IICT, CCMB, CDFD, MS Swaminathan Foundation, PUNE University etc.

The courses are targeted for the following persons having background in B.Tech / B.E. in Computer Science / Chemical Technology / Biotechnology / Pharmacy M.B.B.S / B.D.S / B.V.Sc / M.V.Sc , Post Graduation (M.Sc.,) in Computer Science / Biological Science (Any
branch of Life Science) / Environmental Science / Biotechnology /Chemistry / Agricultural Science / Maths /Statistics / Physics with a motivation to work and pursue further in an interdisciplinary area.

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