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Best Specialisations in Physics

Physics is the most important subject in basic sciences. It is very exciting with the possibility of deeper understanding of the core issues of the life on earth and universe. The subject has been highly rewarding from the career point of view, if the student is research oriented and committed to excellence in the field.

As the time progresses, Physics has been undergoing many changes as a discipline of study. Other subjects in the sciences are also influencing Physics to make it more comprehensive and easy to understand. There are number of specializations coming up with the growing research activity in the field. Following are some of the interesting, exciting and demanding specializations in Physics:

1. Astrophysics: Most sought after of all and studies the application of the principles of physics to various fields of astronomy. It helps to understand the physical nature and the origin and development of solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole.
2. Health Physics: Advanced area and deals with the protection of people who work with or near radiation.
3. Acoustics: Deals with production and properties of sound
4. Biophysics: It explores the application of tools and techniques of physics in the study of living things and life processes.
5. Geophysics: It deals with the study of the earth and its atmospheres and uses principles of physics in understanding them.
6. Cryogenics: It involves the study of extremely low temperature.
7. Electrodynamics: This studies the analysis of the relationship between electrical and magnetic forces.
8. Optics: It is the study of the nature and behaviour and properties of elementary particles.
9. Fluid Physics: The study of the behaviours and movement of liquids and gases
10. Mathematical Physics: It is the study of mathematical systems that set for physical phenomena
11. Thermodynamics: This deals with the study of heat as well as other forms of energy and its conversion from one form to another.
12. Molecular Physics: It deals with examination of the structure, prosperities, and behaviour of molecules.
13. Atomic Physics: Very basic field and studies the structure, properties and behaviour of the atom.
14. Nuclear Physics: This specialization is concerned with structure and properties of the atomic nucleus and its reaction and applications.
15. Mechanics: Involves the study of the behaviour of objects and systems in response to various forces.
16. Quantum Physics: This involves the study of Physics based on quantum theory.

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