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Best Specialisations in M. Pharmacy

A student inquired about opportunities in abroad for M. Pharmacy in Pharmacology or pharmaceutics. In fact, both are having equal opportunities. It depends on your merits and effort what kind of opportunity you get. You cal also look for drug design that is also called molecular modeling. In the recent years Molecular modeling gaining importance in drug design and it will have lot of future. As such Pharmacology and pharmaceutics are having similar opportunities and you will have to opt according to your interest and choice.

Best Institutes for Physical Sciences in India: There are two steps for you to think. After inter you can go for B.Sc and appear for JAM conducted by IITs for admission into MSC (Physics) followed by PhD. Generally from Andhra Pradesh the number of students going for JAM is relatively less since most of them are interested in IIT / JEE. Another step is to enter into ISSER through IIT/JEE where you will have an opportunity to go for M.Sc. Physics and the course is research oriented and well designed. ISSER is located in several places like Pune, Mohali, Kolkatta, Bhopal, Trivandrum etc.

In the recent years many universities offering integrated courses for intermediate students. Some of them are B.H.U in Varanasi, Calcutta University, Jadavpur University in Kolkata. H.C.U in Hyderabad is quite famous for their courses.

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