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Best Research Topics in Toxicology and Molecular Biology

Question 1: I am appearing for CSIR this December in life sciences. I have completed M. Sc. Biochemistry. I am interested in Forensic Science (Toxicology). Please suggest the best place and topic for Ph.D., which will help me get into the field?

Answer: There are several toxicology related Institutes under CSIR, for example, IITR, CDRI Lucknow may be the best in this directions. You can check out in other CSIR labs also through . Coming to the topic, there are no hard and fast definitions for best topics. Again design of the whole project work, efficiency of the student to execute the work and obviously efficiency of the guide are the key factors to make the topic best.

Question 2: What are the leading research topics in molecular biology?

Answer: There are several areas which are gaining momentum presently in molecular biology. Specifically the below mentioned areas are in news:
1. Micro array related gene expression analysis: Majorly in the disease related areas.
2. Bioinformatics: Comparative genomics, System Biology etc.
3. Plant genetics and Marker related works.
4. Molecular Diagnostics
5. Gene silencing technologies.
6. RNA related projects that will have lot of significance in disease diagnostics.

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