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Best Colleges for Biology and Biomedical Research in USA

1. Florida Institute of Technology: The University offers MS and Ph.D. programmes in biological oceanography, geological oceanography, physical oceanography and chemical oceanography. Department of Marine and Environmental Systems in the College of Engineering offer MS in coastal zone management. Please view for more details.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT emphasizes on the interface of biology and engineering disciplines. The specialization will lead to bioengineering and applied biosciences.

3. Oregon Health and Science University: The University offers an interdisciplinary graduate program with training in basic sciences and behavioral neuroscience. Specialisations will lead to physiological psychology, behavioral and molecular genetics, behavioral pharmacology, neuroendocrinology etc. Those having degree in biological sciences, psychology, or neuroscience can apply. View for details.

4. Princeton University: The Graduate studies in the Department of Molecular Biology focuses on applying various approaches to biological problems. Research can be carried on the wide areas of biomedicine and societal issues, biochemistry and cell biology, biological dynamics and computational biology, biophysics and structural biology etc.

5. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus: The University offers Master of Science in Microbial Engineering. The BioTechnology Institute co-operates in cross-disciplinary training and research. The microbial engineering course is useful for those interested to pursue a PhD in related fields.

6. University of Southern California: The USC offers graduate program with research focus on drug delivery and targeting. Teaching and research assistantships are available for deserved candidates.

7. University of Wisconsin- Madison: Wisconsin offers a pre-doctoral training program in biotechnology. The candidates shall receive a Ph.D. in major areas such as biology and biomedical sciences. Cross discipline research will be offered through the minor degree. The university’s main focus is on Biotechnology with 130 faculty members and 40 departments.

8. Washington University in St. Louis: The University offers excellent application of biology and social sciences. It has 26 affiliated colleges with focus on the study and practice of occupational therapy, both in rehabilitation and community settings.

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