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Bank Interview Questions for CSE Candidates

A job aspirant is curious to know about questions he would be facing in interviews. His question is here…. ‘I have done my BE (Computer Science) with an aggregate of 54 percent. Recently I have qualified in a private bank clerical written examination. Now I want to know what type of questions they can ask in the personal interview. For engineers what type of questions they can ask in the interview. please give me some tips.

Definitely a valid question. Certainly the first question you can expect is about if you are an engineer why did you choose Bank Clerk Job? You don’t have to feel bad about it since it is obvious. You can explain about your ability as an engineer to logical thinking, data interpretation, data representation, Problem Solving, mathematical quotient (required low at this time for banks since they have moved the same from test).

I would suggest that you should visit the bank and spend time with any manager to understand the various operations of bank and critical success factors to be in such functions. This will give you ability to face many questions with confidence. Also get onto online Q and A forums and see what are the people who have gone through the interviews are saying, that would be of handy. Do some rehearsal with your near and dear one’s before the interview.

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