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B.Tech Operating Systems Viva Important Questions

Following are important questions for Viva - Voce examination of B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering and IT branch students. The questions are useful for the paper on Operating Systems:

Important questions:

1. Discuss about os objectives and functions
2. Explain about os structures with neat figures
3. Briefly discuss about os services
4. What are different schedulers? Explain about scheduling criteria
5. Explain round robin and priority scheduling algorithms with any example
6. Discuss about critical section problem and provide Petersons solution semaphores.
7. What is the differncebetween binary and counting semaphores and how they provide solution for critical section?
8. Explain about readers writers problem with code
9. What is dining philosopher’s problem and how can we provide solution without getting deadlock.
10. Clearly explain bankers algorithm for deadlock avoidance
11. What are conditions for occurring deadlocks how can we prevent them
12. Explain about Disk scheduling algorithms with an example
13. Discuss various allocation methods on files
14. Draw hardisk structure and discuss various parts
15. Differentiate between internal and external fragmentation problem with figures
16. What are fixed and variable partitioning schemes
17. Implement LRU and optimal page replacement algorithms with any example
18. Explain about Direct memory access with a neat figure
19. What is blocking I/O and non blocking I/O
20. Discuss about various security attacks and threats
21. What are different viruses and how can we protect our system from viruses
22. Discuss about FCFS and SJF scheduling algorithms with an example
23. Explain about paging concept with a neat figure
24. how address translation is done from logical memory to physical memory in segmentation

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