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B.Tech Data Communications Imp Questions for Sem Exams

Unit 5: 1. Why IPv6 uses extended headers. Explain deferent IPv6 extension headers? [May 11]
2. What are the advantages of IPv6 over IPv4? [May 11, Dec 11]
3. Explain different ways in which networks differ. [May 11]
4. Assume nodes in the network are mobile. Explain how Distance vector routing Works in such an environment. [May 11]
5. Why IPv6 uses extended headers. Explain different IPv6 extension headers? [Dec 11]
6. How the complexity at Network layer & Transport layer varies with connection
Oriented and connectionless service? [Dec 11]
7. Discuss various types of ICMP messages. [Dec 11]
8. Explain Distance Vector and link state routing Protocols. [Dec 11]
9. Discuss IGMP messages and its formats. [Dec 11]
10. What is multicast routing? Explain? [Dec 11]
11. Give the frame format of IPV4. Explain the function of each field. [Dec 11]
12. Describe the Procedure used for Checksum Calculation in IPV4. [Dec 11]
13. What is logical addressing? Discuss IPV 4 addressing. [Dec 11]
14. Compare IPV4 and IPV6. [May 11,Dec 11]

Unit 6:

1. What is Quality of Service? Explain? [Dec 11]
2. Give the features of various types of data traffic? [Dec 11]
3. Explain TWO Congestion control mechanisms. ? [Dec 11]
4. What are the Services and application of TCP? Compare TCP and UDP Protocol? [Dec 11]
5. What is Congestion? Explain the causes and effects of congestion. [Dec 11]
6. Explain and compare various techniques used to improve QOS. [Dec 11]
7. Compare Integrated & Differential Services [Dec 11]
8. Give the features of differentiated Services [Dec 11]
9. Explain RSVP Protocol used in Integrated services. [Dec 11]
10. What is the purpose of sequence numbers in TCP Segment? [May 11]
11. Why padding is required for TCP Segment? [May 11]
12. Write short notes on TCP timers. [May 11]
13. Why does UDP exist? Would it now have been enough to just let user processes send raw IP packets? [May 11]
14. Why does UDP exist? Would it not have been enough to just let user processes send raw IP packets? [Dec 11]
15. What are the header fields in TCP segment header that are required for error control? What are the limitations of it? [Dec 11]

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