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B.Tech CSE – Data Communications Important Questions from Unit 1 and 2


1. Draw the ISO-OSI Model and discuss each layer? [May 2011, Dec 11]
2. Explain different types of MODES used for data Communications? [Dec 11, Jan 12]
3. Describe briefly the seven layer architecture and its importance in computer networks. [Jan 12]
4. Describe the terms Information capacity, bitrates, band rate and Nyquist bandwidth. [May 11]
5. What are the various factors involved in designing computer network? Explain? [Dec 11]
6. Compare various categories of Network topologies [Dec 11]
7. What are the key elements of a protocol? List out various standard organization that develop
protocol standards. [Dec 11]
8. Explain various components of data communication system [Dec 11]
9. Compare LAN, MAN and WAN. [Dec 11]
10. Discuss the function of various layers of OSI Mode/ and compare with TCP/ IP Model?[Dec 11]
11. Distinguish between various Levels of addressing used in the Internet Give suitable examples?
12. Explain the following terms [Dec 11]
i] Throughput
ii] Latency
iii] Bandwidth delay Product
iv] Jitter.

Unit 2

1. Discuss about the Packet Switching with an example [Dec 11]
2. Explain the difference between shielded twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair transmission lines. [Jan 12]
3. Compare Balanced and unbalanced Transmission lines [May 11]
4. Explain the characteristics of coaxial cable transmission lines [May 11,Dec 11]
5. What are the Predominant – losses associated with optical fibres? Explain [May 11]
6. What is the importance of critical angle with respect to optical fibre cable? [Dec 11]
7. Explain and compare the characteristics of Guided and unguided Transmission media?[Dec 11]
8. Compare ADSL, VDSL, HDSL and SDSL Technologies? [Dec 11]
9. Explain the operation of cable TV Networks. ? [Dec 11]
10. Distinguish between synchronous and Asynchronous Time division Multiplexing?[Dec 11]
11. Compare circuit switching and Packet switching techniques? [Dec 11]
12. Describe Major components of a Telephone Network. ? [Dec 11]
13. Give the Services provided by Telephone Network? [Dec 11]

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