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B.Tech CSE Data Communications Imp Questions for Semester Exams

Unit 7: 1. Explain how DNS is used in the Internet. [Dec 11]
2. Explain the services of an user agent of electronic mail. [Dec 11]
3. Give DNS Message types and its header format. [Dec 11]
4. Explain File Transfer Protocol [Dec 11]
5. Explain name – address and address – name resolution process [Dec 11]
6. Discuss commands and responses used in SMTP. [Dec 11]
7. Explain the modes of operation of TELNET. [Dec 11]
8. Explain the process of transferring a mail message [Dec 11]
9. Why DNS uses distributed data bases? [May 11]
10. How do you make web pages dynamic? [May 11]
11. What is the functionality that is supported by user agent? [May 11]

Unit 8:

1. What is WWW? What is web page? What is hyper text? What is hyper link? How browser is used to access web pages? [May 11]
2. Write short notes on [Dec 2011]
(a) Internet working
(b) E-Mail
(c) WWW
3. Write short notes on: [Dec 11]
a) Electronic mail
b) Network security
c) Multimedia.
4. Write a brief note on
i) Web documents
ii) Audio & Video Compare.
5. Write a brief note on
i) Network Management System
ii) Streaming Live Audio / Video
6. Write a brief note on
i) Simple Network Management Protocol.(SNMP)
ii) RTP
7. Write a brief note on:
ii) Voice over IP. [15]

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