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B.Tech CSE Data Communications Imp Questions for Exams Chapters 3-4

Unit 3:

1. Discuss about point to Point Protocols. [Dec 11]
2. Compare between Switched Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. [Dec 11]
3. Describe the HDLC operational modes. [Jan 12]
4. What are the three frame formats used with SDLC? Explain [Jan 12]
5. Describe any two methods of error correction. [Jan 12]
6. What are the functions of data link layer? Explain stop & wait Protocol. [Dec 11]
7. Describe Architecture and layers of Bluetooth
8. Describe LRC, VRC, Checks and CRC methods of Error detection
9. Explain function and frame formats of MAC and physical layers of IEEE 802.11
10. Describe the frame formats of HDCL Protocol
11. Explain physical layer implementation of fast Ethernet and standard Ethernet.
12. Explain and compare the performance of Random access protocols.
13. Give the characteristics of TDMA, FDMA and CDMA.

Unit 4:

1. Explain the Architecture of ATM. [Dec 11]
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of geosynchronous satellites? [Jan 12]
3. Discuss First generation and second generation cellular telephone systems in detail [May 11]
4. Briefly describe crosstalk? [ May 11]
5. Describe the difference between the operation of a cordless telephone and a Standard telephone? [May 11]
6. Explain Architecture, Layers and frame format of SONET? [Dec 11]
7. Compare 1st and 2nd and 3rd generation of Cellular Telephony? [Dec 11]
8. Explain the function of various Inter connecting devices? [Dec 11]
9. Discuss Frequency reuse Principle and Hard off mechanism used in Cellular Telephony. ? [Dec 11]
10. What are Back bone Networks? Explain? [Dec 11]
11. Explain the operation of Linear, Mesh and Ring SONET Networks. ? [Dec 11]
12. Compare the features of Frame relay & ATM Networks ? [Dec 11]
13. Describe Architecture and Layers of ATM Networks? [Dec 11]

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