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APTET Previous Question Papers – Sciences Paper 2

Following is the APTET previous question paper conducted in July 2011 by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. The APTET qualification is mandatory for the candidates to be eligible for DSC recruitment in Andhra Pradesh. Following is the Paper 2 of the APTET Sciences examination of July 2011. Here are some model questions from the paper and you can read / download the complete paper from the link given below:

1. A Student of class X scored 20 percent marks in annual examination which is less than his abilities. It is an example for .........
1) both poor and low achievement
2) poor achievement
3) low achievement
4) under achievement

2. Participation of the learner in the inquiry based learning is........
1) active
2) passive
3) either passive or active
4) dependent

3. The correct statement among the following in relation to memory is ..........
1) recognition is exactly double of recall.
2) recall is greater than recognition
3) recognition is greater than recall.
4) recall and recognition are equal.

4. The period of development during which the child is in the dilemma of being a child or an adult..........
1) adulthood
2) late childhood
3) adolescence
4) early childhood.

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