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APTET Previous Papers – Social Studies Paper 2

APTET is an eligibility examination conducted for selecting the candidates for the DSC recruitment. The AP Government is conducting this examination in the lines of CBSE - CTET. Here is the APTET 2011 question paper of Social Studies stream. The complete qustion paper is available for download from the link given below:

1. The Kingdom under Delhi Sultanate was divided into .........
1) Mukti
2) Iqtas
3) Subahs
4) Jagirs

2. In his administration, 'Asthapradhanas' was intoduced by this king ......
1) Krishna Devaraya
2) Pratapa Rudra
3) Shivaji
4) Raja Raja Chola

3. The President of India can be impeached if ........
1) he rturns the bill as passed by Parliament
2) he acts against Constitution.
3) he interfered in Judiciary
4) he involves in Election procedures

4. This is a legal duty of a citizen ........
1) obeying the state
2) helping the needy
3) respect towards elders
4) being truthful

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