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APTET 2012 Previous Question Papers with Key – Paper 1 and Paper 2

Following are the APTET 2012 January - June Questions Papers. The candidates can use these TET previous papers for the practice. The APTET 2012 Paper 1, Paper 2 Social Studies and Paper 2 Mathematics are given below. See the links given after these questions:

1) The terminal competency to be achieved in Geometry at the primary stage is ........
1) to understand the types of triangles
2) to daw a circle when radius is given
3) to draw an angle equal to the given angle
4) to express the concept of a circle and technical words associated with it.

2) The skin disease caused due to vitamin deficiency is ..........
1) Pellagra 2) Eczema 3) Acne 4) Measles

3) Eastern and western ghats of peninsular plateau meet here.
1) Seshachala hills
2) Nallamala hills
3) Nilgiri mountains
4) Papi hills

4) The product of science is indicated by .......
1) the scientific method of inquiry
2) accumulated and systematized body of knowledge
3) the scientific attitude
4) gathering of data

5) Most important initial step towards achievement of an aim is ......
1) skill 2) ability 3) objective 4) goal

6) The evaluation that is used for grading pupose is called ...........
1) formative evaluation
2) summative evaluation
3) diagnostic valuation
4) grading evaluation

7) Identify the 'positive degree' of the sentence.
Raju is taller than Amar
1) Amar is not tall as Raju
2) Amar is not so tall as Raju
3) Amar can be tall like Raju
4) Amar is as tall as Raju

APTET 2012 Paper 1

APTET 2012 Paper 2 - Social Studies with Key

APTET 2012 Paper 2 - Mathematics with Key

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