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APSET Life Sciences Model Questions and Syllabus

APSET examination will be conducted in the discipline of Life Sciences. The subjects comes under the purview of Life Sciences are Botany, Biochemistry, Genetics, Zoology, Animal Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Fishery Science and Marine Biology. Paper - II and Paper - III of APSET are related to the subject chosen by the candidate. These papers also consist of objective multiple choice questions from the prescribed syllabus for Life Sciences.

questions in Paper - II will be in the standard of Graduation. The objective questions in Paper - III will be asked at the level and standard of Post Graduation. Following are some sample questions we are giving here for an overview of the nature of questions in Life Sciences. The syllabus consists of broad topics of Molecules and their Interaction Relevant to Biology, Cell Communication and Cell Signaling, Fundamental Processes, Inheritance Biology, Cellular Organization, System Physiology – Plant, Evolution and Behavior, Diversity of Life Forms, System Physiology – Animal, Ecological Principles, Developmental Biology, Applied Biology and Methods in Biology.

Following are some model questions:

1) Lungs are situated in the
a) abdominal cavity b) pericardial cavity
c) bucal cavity d) thoracic cavity

2) What happens during seed germination?
a) heat is liberated b) starch is synthesized
c) fat is synthesized d) light is absorbed

3) Which tissue is responsible for the passage of water in plants?
a) sclerenchyma b) xylem c) phloem d) collenchynatous cells

4) Wisdom teeth normally grow between the age of
a) 34 - 40 b) 17-25 c) 45-55 d) 10-17

5) A drop of blood contains
a) about 10000 cells b) about 100000 cells
c) several million cells d) less than 25000 cells

6) Tibia is a bone found in the
a) arm b) skull c) leg d) face

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24 thoughts on “APSET Life Sciences Model Questions and Syllabus

    1. admin

      Dear Hari Prasad, There is a common syllabus for all the Life Sciences Papers. You can download the syllabus from the APSET website.

    2. Sanjeev K


      Did you find Life Science study material for AP SET 2012.
      Please let me know where should I get it if you already aware that

      Appriciate your fast response on the same

  1. Sudha

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know which book is the best for paper 1 of APSET exam. If you can kindly provide the name and the publisher I will highly appreciate it.


    1. admin

      Hi Sudha,
      There is no comprehensive book for Paper I. You may need to collect material from various different sources. We shall post the relevant info as soon as we get them.
      Thanks for visiting.

    2. admin

      Hi Sudha,
      There is no comprehensive book for Paper I. You may need to collect material from various different sources. We shall post the relevant info as soon as we get it.
      Thanks for visiting.

    3. suneelkumar yalla

      Dear friend set first paper books are available in market PRAGMA PUBLICATION is good compare to other books.

      1. admin

        Your post graduation text books helps you a lot in preparing for the APSET and TSSET examinations. The guides and other books will help you to practice before the examination.

  2. sudha

    pls sir send me tha information about ap set model papers for telugu subject or send me the link for telugu material for ap set exm

  3. vijaya


    I want previous / model papers of life science for APSET .Can you plz help me out with this.

    thank you.

  4. kaleem

    Namaste sir I am not finding the separates syllabus for set zoology pls tell me the reason how should I prepare for set zoology. I am not touch with botany

    1. admin

      The syllabus for APSET consists of common core syllabus being followed by AP Universities in the state.

    1. suneelkumar yalla

      Dear friend first of all tell to your back ground ,first follow degree academy books after that ncrt books after fathfinder material (this material avilable in hyderabad )

  5. priyanka

    dear sir,
    could u please let me know the clear syllabus for micribiology as it's not clear here plz let me know ...

    1. admin

      The question paper will be in PG standard. Hence candidates are expected to read PG syllabus of the concerned subject thoroughly. You can choose standard text books instead of guides / study material available in open market.

    2. suneelkumar yalla

      Dear friend first choose your subject and will complete after that start next subject.suppose you are a zoology student first complete zoology topics after that start botany and remaining like that ,first completed degree academy books after that ncrt books ,after that follow standard books or pathfinder books(net materiel).


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