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APSET English Literature Question Paper and Key 2013

Following are the question papers and key for APSET 2013 English Literature subject. Key and question paper of paper 1 is already posted on this site. Following is the Key for English Literature paper II and Paper III. All the question papers are in objective type.

APSET English Paper-II

APSET 2013 English Literature Paper II Key:

1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-D, 5-D, 6-C, 7-B, 8-D, 9-D, 10-B, 11-A, 12-D, 13-C, 14-A, 15-C, 16-A, 17-C, 18-D, 19-B, 20-C, 21-B, 22-D, 23-B, 24-C, 25-B, 26-D, 27-B, 28-C, 29-B, 30-A, 31-C, 32-A, 33-D, 34-D, 35-D, 36-C, 37-C, 38-A, 39-C, 40-C, 41-B, 42-C, 43-B, 44-C, 45-None, 46-D, 47-C, 48-C, 49-D, 50-A.

APSET English Paper-III

APSET 2013 English Literature Paper III Key:

1-D, 2-B, 3-B, 4-B, 5-B, 6-B, 7-B, 8-C, 9-B, 10-D, 11-C, 12-D, 13-B,
14-C, 15-C, 16-A, 17-A, 18-D, 19-A, 20-B, 21-C, 22-B, 23-B, 24-A, 25-B, 26-C, 27-B, 28-D, 29-C, 30-C, 31-C, 32-A, 33-D, 34-A, 35-A, 36-B, 37-C, 38-B, 39-D, 40-B, 41-B, 42-D, 43-A, 44-D, 45-B, 46-A, 47-C, 48-B, 49-D, 50-B, 51-A, 52-A, 53-D, 54-C, 55-C, 56-D, 57-C, 58-A, 59-C, 60-C, 61-D, 62-C, 63-C, 64-D, 65-B, 66-B, 67-B, 68-A, 69-C, 70-C, 71-C, 72-B, 73-C, 74-B, 75-C.

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