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APSET Chemical Sciences Model Questions and Syllabus

Following are details of APSET Chemical Sciences. You can get the syllabus and model questions here. There are several subjects comes under Chemical Sciences. These are: Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bio- Inorganic Chemistry, Marine Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Nuclear Chemistry. Following are the topics covered in syllabus and some model questions:

AP-SET Complete Syllabus for Chemical Sciences

Model Questions for APSET Chemical Sciences:

1) Which of the following is a protein?
a) Rayon b) terycotton c) natural silk d) nitrogen

2) A gas that can not be collected over water is
a) nitrogen b) oxygen c) sulfur dioxide d) phosphine

3) Which of the following facts about plastic is false?
a) they are resistant to corrosion
b) plastic articles are lighter than corresponding metal articles
c) they are odorless
d) they are dimensionally unstable

4) When two atomic orbitals combine they form
a) one molecular orbital
b) two molecular orbitals
c) three molecular orbitals
d) four molecular orbitals

5) The total energy of an electron revolving round the nucleus is
a) less than zero
b) zero
c) more than zero
d) more than zero in some atoms and less than zero in other atoms.

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