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APSET 2013 Management Key for Paper 2 and Paper 3

Here is the official key of APSET 2013 for Management Subject. The key given for Paper 2 and Paper 3. Following are some sample questions from Paper 2 and thereafter follows key:

1) Which of the following is an outcome of job satisfaction?
a) high employee turnover
b) high productivity
c) absenteeism
d) all the above

2) Which of the following investment criteria consider time value of money?
a) pay pack period method
b) benefit cost ratio
c) according rate of return
d) none of the above

3) Hypothesis testing can be done through
a) exploratory and descriptive research
b) exploratory and experimental research
c) descriptive and experimental research
d) experimental research only

Following is the key for Paper 2 and Paper 3 of APSET 2013 Management Subject:

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